Expert Plumbing ServicesSmedley Service is your source for plumbing repairs in Farmington, UT. We are proud to be the community’s go-to plumber since we opened our doors in 1947. Our licensed, bonded, and insured plumbers have the skills, experience, and training to handle plumbing repairs and installations of all kinds.

    Whether your home has a leaky pipe or needs a new water heater or water softener, we’re the place to call. We even offer 24/7 emergency services for plumbing problems that can’t wait. When you need Farmington plumbing services, you can count on us to be there no matter what.

    Expert Plumbing Repairs in Farmington

    Of all of your home’s major infrastructure, its plumbing systems are among its most critical components. It’s more than a matter of convenience; it’s a matter of sanitation. When your home has a plumbing problem or needs fixtures or new pipes installed, you shouldn’t entrust the job to just anyone.

    Our team of experienced plumbers has seen and fixed every plumbing problem imaginable. When you call us for help, a team member will arrive right away with all the tools and supplies they need to work. They’ll investigate your problem, explain what they’ve found, and then let you know your repair options.

    They’ll also go out of their way to protect your home and property while they work and leave your home as clean as they found it when they’re finished. Those are all big reasons why locals think of us when they think of Farmington plumbing services.

    Our comprehensive plumbing services include:
    • Pipe repair
    • Pipe installation
    • Water heater repair
    • Water heater replacement
    You can also count on us when you need new plumbing-related appliances like water heaters and water softeners. We sell and install the latest storage tank and tankless water heater systems. Our master plumbers can help you evaluate your options and choose the water heater that suits your family’s needs and preferences best.

    If your home struggles with hard water, like many of the homes around here, we can fix that, too. We can install a water-softening system and fine-tune it to improve the feel and quality of your home’s water supply. In short, we can handle all of the services you need for residential plumbing in Farmington.

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    Quality Farmington Plumbing Services

    For over 76 years, our team at Smedley Service has worked hard to offer homeowners in Farmington the finest plumbing services available in the area. We’re a locally owned and operated business with deep ties to the community.

    Plus, we’re Better Business Bureau accredited and maintain an A+ rating with them. We’re able to do that due to our commitment to upfront and fair pricing, exemplary workmanship, and quality products. We even offer free estimates so you’ll always know what you’re committing to before any work takes place.

    We offer low-interest financing options on approved credit if you need help affording the plumbing products you need to install.

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    For Farmington plumbing services or HVAC services, call Smedley Service in Farmington today.