Heat Pumps in Layton, UTAt Smedley Service, we’re ready to help if you need heat pump repair in Layton, UT. Heat pumps will often experience more issues than most other central HVAC units. This is simply because heat pumps get used throughout much of the year instead of only for a few months. As such, it is important that you know where to turn if your heat pump does suddenly start having issues. In addition to repairs, our certified heating technicians specialize in heat pump installation and maintenance.

    Heat Pump Installation and Services

    Regular heat pump maintenance is essential for the health of your heating and cooling system. We always recommend having your equipment fully inspected once in the early summer and again in the fall. Without adequate maintenance, your heat pump can quickly start to work less effectively and use more energy. Maintenance is also essential for catching any minor problems before they lead to more serious issues and potentially expensive repairs.

    If our technicians do detect any problems with your heat pump, we can immediately work on repairing the issue. Many heat pump problems are fairly minor and do not require extensive or costly repairs. However, it is important to have the issue looked at soon because the problem could quickly spiral into something more serious. Some issues can lead to major damage to the unit’s compressor motor. This can be a major problem and may force you to replace the entire unit.

    If you notice any of these issues, it is a good idea to schedule an appointment to have your heat pump inspected and repaired.
    • Unit stays frozen for more than four hours
    • Unit only runs in heating or cooling mode
    • Grinding or other unusual noises
    • Sudden surge in monthly electricity bill
    • Lack of sufficient heating or cooling

    If you need a heat pump installed, our certified technicians can help explain your various options so that you can choose the best unit for your home. We will then make sure the installation meets all building code requirements. Technicians will ensure your new unit heats and cools as effectively as it should.

    Layton’s Heat Pump Repair Experts

    At Smedley Service, we’re ready to take care of all of your heat pump repair, maintenance, and installation needs. Our technicians service all brands and models. We also carry a wide selection of new, high-efficiency heat pumps from trusted brands like Lennox. We’ve proudly been serving customers in Layton for more than 75 years. Our technicians are always ready to help.

    Layton's Heat Pump Repair Experts

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    To schedule a heat pump repair or any other heat pump service in Layton, give Smedley Service a call today.