Water Heater Repair in Layton, UTBoth residents and businesses around Layton, UT, have turned to Smedley Service for water heater repair since 1947. Hot water is more than a mere modern convenience; it is necessary for many everyday functions. You depend on it for bathing, cleaning, and cooking, just to name a few things. When your water heater has a problem, it brings everything to a screeching halt. Your symptoms may be unusual sounds, lack of water pressure, or cold water from your faucets. Fortunately, these symptoms could mean that you need water heater service, not necessarily a new unit.

    Understanding Water Heater Repair

    Most water heaters don’t suddenly stop working altogether. Rather, they show subtle signs that something’s wrong and your unit needs service. The longer you ignore these symptoms, the more likely it is that you’ll have substantial repair or replacement costs.

    If you notice any of the following signs, call to have a plumber troubleshoot your problem and inspect your water heater.
    • Cool water from your faucets
    • Clunking or loud sounds from your unit
    • Low hot water pressure
    • Metallic tasting hot water
    • Leaking or pooling near your unit

    An annual flush will resolve many of these problems and keep your water heater working optimally. Don’t attempt flushing your unit on your own as it may cause scalding burns if not properly performed. Rather, this is a simple procedure for a plumber, and it allows them to inspect your unit at the same time.

    Some parts of your unit will eventually wear out and need replacing before the end of the unit’s service life. The most common is the anode rod, which helps prevent the inside of the tank from rusting. There’s also the gas valve, heating element, timer, thermocouple, TCO, and ECO that may need replacing.

    Layton’s Trusted Water Heater Service

    Layton’s Trusted Water Heater ServiceWhen you need water heater repair, you want to know that the job will be done right the first time. Smedley Service has been a trusted name around Layton since 1947. All of our plumbers are licensed and provide friendly and professional service. Our customers have been so satisfied that our team has earned an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

    We also offer 24-hour emergency services if your water heater springs a leak overnight. You never have to wonder if you’ll have to wait until a plumber can fit you into their schedule. We have a fully stocked shop on Marshall Way and can quickly get to any property owner in Layton.

    Our team also performs water heater repair to residents in:
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    Is your water heater giving you subtle signs that something may not be working properly? Call to schedule your water heater service with the expert plumbers at Smedley Service before your unit fails completely.