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Smedley Service is the Name You Can’t Ignore

We Service the Follow Areas: Davis, Weber, Morgan, North Summit, Box Elder, Tooele, and Salt Lake counties.

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Smedley Service/Lennox Home Repairs

Smedley Service is licensed for HVAC in Utah and Idaho. Our technicians are certified by the EPA for refrigerant handling and the RMGA as gas technicians. We are also proud to be NATE certified. Our plumbers and electricians are all journeymen licensed. Established requirements for liability insurance and workers’ compensation are always maintained. Because indoor air quality is so important in maintaining a healthy environment, Smedley Service can test the air quality of your home.

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Lennox/Smedley Service

Our HVAC technicians are licensed in Utah and Idaho. Each technician is certified by the RMGA as a gas technician and the EPA for refrigerant handling. All technicians are also NATE certified; plumbers and electricians are journeymen licensed. The requirements for workers’ compensation and liability insurance are continuously maintained. Smedley Service knows the indoor air quality is important for a healthy environment. We are more than happy to check it for you.

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Lennox Dealer Smedley Service Plumbing & Heating Heat Pumps

All technicians are licensed for HVAC services in Utah and Idaho, certified for refrigerant handling by the EPA, certified by the RMGA as gas technicians, and NATE certified. All plumbers and electricians are journeymen licensed. Regulations for workers’ compensation and liability insurance are maintained regularly. Smedley Service will be happy to test the air quality in your home because it knows how important clean indoor air quality is to a healthy environment.