Water Heater Replacement in Layton, UTAre you in need of water heater replacement in Layton, UT? Smedley Service is here to help. Our convenient location near I-15 and Layton Hills Mall allows us to provide timely, reliable service to residential and commercial customers in Layton and the surrounding areas. Suddenly finding yourself without hot water can be a major annoyance. Should this happen, our team can help by installing a new water heater to ensure you’re without hot water for as little time as possible.

    New Water Heater Installation

    Hot water is essential for every home or business, and our team can help to ensure this essential need is met. When properly maintained and serviced, a new water heater should last for somewhere between eight and 12 years. Nonetheless, the likelihood of your water heater leaking or failing to provide adequate hot water increases exponentially the older the unit is. For this reason, water heater replacement is usually the most prudent option if your unit is approaching the end of its life.

    New Water Heater InstallationThe age of the water heater isn’t the only issue that could leave you suddenly without hot water. Improper maintenance, mechanical failures, and other problems can also cause the unit to leak, fail to provide adequate hot water, or stop functioning altogether. When these issues arise, we can help by inspecting your water heater to determine the underlying cause of the problem.

    Corrosion, heating element failures, and thermostat issues are just some of the potential issues we will look for. In addition, we will also consider the size of your water heater tank to ensure it is large enough to adequately meet your hot water needs.

    Identifying the signs that your water heater needs to be replaced isn’t always easy, but there are definitely some things you should watch out for.
    • Not enough hot water
    • Water leaks
    • Loud noises coming from the heater
    • Visible rust on the outside of the heater

    Layton’s Water Heater Replacement Experts

    With more than 70 years of experience, Smedley Service is the name that Layton residential and commercial customers have come to trust for all of their plumbing needs. As a fully licensed, bonded, and insured plumbing company, we are committed to providing top-level service and support. All of our professional plumbers are also fully certified.

    We also install and replace water heaters in:

    We carry only quality brand-name products and provide fair pricing and free estimates to ensure that you’re getting a good water heater for a good price. We also offer same-day installation to make sure you have hot water when you need it most.

    Don’t struggle without adequate hot water or no hot water at all. Instead, contact Smedley Service to see how we can help to ensure your hot water needs are met.