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    If you need drain cleaning in Farmington, UT, rely on the experts at Smedley Service for prompt results. Your drainage system can clog for various reasons. It can become compromised outside your home by tree root infiltration or soil erosion.

    In the kitchen, clogs may occur due to the accumulation of food particles and grease, while in the bathroom, they may occur when hair, soap residue, and other debris combine and attach inside the pipes.

    If you ignore a clogged drain long enough, you’ll find it difficult, if not impossible, to clean, cook, shower, and complete other household chores. To avoid such situations, invest in routine sewer cleaning services. Luckily, Smedley Service can remove drain obstructions and offer professional router services to keep your drains clog-free year round.

    Thorough Drain Cleaning in Farmington

    When you encounter a clogged drain, it may seem like a good idea to fix the clog yourself. Nevertheless, that’s not wise. A clog may appear like a simple plumbing problem, but there could be a more serious underlying problem.

    Thus, trying to remove the clog yourself can worsen an existing problem, resulting in more costly repairs. You may accidentally break your pipe through your own efforts. Correspondingly, chemical cleaners can erode your pipes, leading to leaks.

    technician snaking drain to unclog it

    Moreover, DIY pipe cleaning can be dangerous. Most store-bought cleaners contain hazardous chemicals that can cause eye and skin irritation if mishandled.

    In addition, these chemicals release toxic fumes, which can cause severe respiratory problems when inhaled. In some instances, these fumes can be fatal.

    Therefore, it’s essential to leave the job to a professional. This way, you’ll rest easy knowing we will handle the task safely and correctly.

    Contact Smedley Service for prompt drain cleaning whenever you notice:
    • Slow drainage
    • Unpleasant odors
    • Gurgling or bubbling sounds
    • Multiple clogged drains
    • Wet or greener spots in the yard
    • Sewer backup or overflowing toilets
    • Recurring clogs

    Regular sewer cleaning in Farmington helps keep your drains flowing freely throughout the year and eliminates unpleasant odors. Moreover, it helps extend the productive life of your plumbing system.

    It allows us to catch and address other plumbing problems that could affect the performance of your drains, lowering your risks of needing costly repairs and premature pipe replacement.

    Reliable Drain Cleaning Team

    Smedley Service has been offering professional drain cleaning services in Farmington and the neighboring areas since 1947. We boast a team of seasoned plumbers who show up on time with the right tools and materials to handle all your plumbing needs.

    We understand the stress and inconveniences that a clogged drain can cause, so we keep our pipe-cleaning services accessible by charging affordable rates. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our services, as we want our customers to feel confident when we clean their drains.

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    To have a professional help you with a clogged drain in your Farmington home, contact Smedley Service today. We also offer trenchless sewer repair.