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    For almost eight decades, Smedley Service has consistently provided reliable, dependable, cost-efficient trenchless sewer line repair in Farmington, UT.

    The sewer line is a vital component of a building’s plumbing system. These lines direct your home’s waste water from the plumbing system in the house to a septic tank or a sewer system.

    Like any other part of the plumbing system, these lines are prone to clogging and blockage, requiring sewer line maintenance. Sewer line repair by Smedley Service professional plumbers is helpful when detecting problems in your home’s sewer system.

    Common Sewer Line Repair Problems

    Problems in the sewer system at home arise from a host of factors, including clogs, corrosion, and blockages from the plumbing systems. The lines in these systems should only carry human waste, toilet paper, and water.

    Flushing paper towels, flushable wipes, and wrappers can cause clogging as these materials do not disintegrate completely. Also, pouring cooking oil into the sink will clog drainage pipes in the sewer system once the oil solidifies. Professional plumbers recommend that this oil should be disposed of in trash cans.

    Other causes of sewer system problems are such as:
    • Age of waste or main water supply line
    • Ground shifting
    • Corroded of pipes
    • Frozen pipes
    Once you detect problems in the home’s sewer system, contact professional trenchless sewer line repair experts immediately. Smedley Service experts provide a professional inspection that aims to detect and identify the source of the problems in your sewer system.

    Using a digital camera, the experts can pinpoint leaks, cracks, and clogs within the system. They will then advise you on the best repair approach to pursue. The scope of repair on sewer system lines depends on the damage or problem in the system.

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    For damages like pipe breaks and root damage, the repair experts use heavy machinery to dig up the damaged area to replace broken pipes. The repair method is expensive, time-consuming, and causes disruptions to your landscaping.

    Trenchless sewer line repair is a friendlier option as it does not require extensive excavation to fix sewer system problems. It is both cost and time-efficient and causes little landscaping disruptions, if any. Sewer experts use special tools and approaches to re-line or burst the old piping system from above ground. This repair uses two forms:

    This repair approach utilizes a cone-shaped head that runs through the sewer system. This bursting achieves two tasks co-currently by bursting the old pipe while replacing it with a new pipe. Replacement pipes are made from high-density polyethylene material for durability.

    No-dig sewer line replacement using the pipe lining approach involves a new pipe lining installed inside the old pipe. However, for pipe lining to be efficient, the original pipe needs to be structurally sound with minimal leaks or cracks. These liners extend the lifeline of the sewer system by up to 50 years or more.

    Farmington’s Trenchless Sewer Line Repair

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    trenchless sewer line

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