April 28, 2024

After months of winter, spring is often a time many people look forward to. However, besides the trees and flowers coming to life, there is also pollen, which may trigger allergies. If you have seasonal allergies, then the start of spring may be a challenging time. One way to deal with this is to have a functioning HVAC unit that you maintain regularly. At Smedley Service, we offer an annual maintenance plan at the start of spring. Here is everything you need to know about our spring HVAC maintenance plan and its relation to your allergies.

What Happens During HVAC Maintenance?

Many people are often skeptical about whether there is any reason to carry out HVAC maintenance. Here are some of the things a maintenance technician will look out for when performing a maintenance check.

Checking the Air Filters

Even if your HVAC unit is in good condition, one important thing that has to happen during a check is changing the air filters. They are simple to replace. Not changing them regularly, however, can affect your air quality. A dirty air filter lets in dust and pollen and can also lead to the entire system being overworked. If you have allergies, then it does you more harm to have the dust being blown into the room.

You need to ensure you change your air filter every three months, especially if you have pets around the home or people with allergies. It is also important that you clean out your filters every so often. Doing so, especially in spring, will ensure that you filter out the debris in your home, ensuring you have clean indoor air.

Checking the Indoor and Outdoor Coils

The coils in your HVAC unit are often susceptible to leaking. As such, they need frequent checks and have to be cleaned of any dirt or grime. Ignoring your coils will mean that your unit will use up more energy and not perform at its best. Leaky coils are also dangerous to the people using the unit at the time.

Thermostat Regulation

Apart from filtering the air, your unit is also used for heating and cooling. If the thermostat is faulty, then it becomes difficult to regulate the temperature in the home. During a maintenance check, we will calibrate the thermostat and, if need be, replace the batteries.

Checking the Electrical Connections

Another area that our technicians check is the electrical connections. If there are loose wires, we fix them so that everything runs optimally.

Benefits of Doing Spring HVAC Maintenance

If you have never had to do HVAC maintenance, then you might not get why companies insist on doing it. At Smedley Service, we help ensure that all our clients carry out regular checks and will send you reminders on the same. Here are some of the main reasons why you should schedule a tune-up, especially in spring.

Helps Control Allergic Reaction

Many people are allergic to pollen. If you have children who are allergic to pollen, spring might not be the best time of the year for them. Having a well-functioning HVAC unit can ensure that you or your children don’t have to worry about excess pollen or allergens. We recommend that you schedule maintenance at the start of spring to help you benefit from improved indoor air.

Saves on Energy Bills

Having a well-serviced HVAC unit ensures that the energy being used isn’t wasted. This is because you won’t have to worry about overworking the unit while still getting optimal service from it. You also won’t have to worry about paying higher bills since your unit will consume energy as it should.

Saves on Costly Repairs

The longer you take between maintenance checks, the higher the chances that your HVAC system might become more damaged. If you neglect your HVAC system, then there is a chance that it might become damaged beyond repair. Some of the spare parts are costly but not as expensive as having to replace the entire unit. Simple tasks, like replacing a filter or ensuring your HVAC unit is working as it should, will save you money in the long run.

Improves Overall Air Quality

The main reason why you have an HVAC unit is to help prevent dust from entering your unit. A well-maintained unit will ensure that there is no dust in your home. This means everyone gets to enjoy better air quality. This often translates to better respiratory health. A high-quality HVAC unit is the perfect go-to if you have people suffering from respiratory issues at home.

Ensures Safety in the Home

A malfunctioning HVAC unit poses a great danger to people in the home. There is a risk of leaked carbon monoxide entering your home if your unit is leaking. This gas is extremely dangerous, if not deadly, and can be fatal if the leaks go undetected. A malfunctioning unit can also heat up and cause a fire due to the particles in the clogged-up filter. By cleaning your unit and checking it regularly, you get to sit back and enjoy the comfort the HVAC unit offers.

Good for the Environment

Other than putting your lives at risk, having a leaky HVAC unit is bad for the environment. Your carbon footprint is something you need to keep an eye out for, and this includes not adding more damage to the environment. One way to improve your carbon footprint is to fix any leaks and ensure that there are no harmful emissions from your unit to the outside world.

Consult With a Professional

Even though it seems like something you can do, we suggest you leave maintenance checks to our professional technicians at Smedley Service. We are well versed in all things HVAC and will help you figure out what the problem is. We are also licensed and will, therefore, give your unit the best service possible. Our team can help you get the right spare parts and even offer tips on what you need to do in case the unit is not working efficiently. If you are looking for an HVAC maintenance crew, check us out! We have been in the market for 77+ years and will help you get the best quality service available in the market. We are rated A+ by the BBB and are available 24/7 for emergency services.

While there is no known cure for seasonal allergies, one thing that can help you manage the conditions is staying in a room with filtered air. If your HVAC unit is not working, then this might be a challenge. To help you handle that, schedule regular spring HVAC maintenance. It will make a huge difference to your health and the health of those around you. Contact Smedley Service today, and let us help you carry out the right maintenance checks on your HVAC unit. We provide heating, cooling, and plumbing services to Layton, UT residents.

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