When it comes time to plan your new shower installation in Layton, UT, count on Smedley Service. Common shower issues like faulty, dripping spouts and clogged drains can throw a wrench in your household’s schedule.

    Ignoring the beginning warning signs will only allow the problem to worsen, causing more expensive home damage. We’re a local, licensed plumbing company that specializes in bathroom services. Let us handle your next toilet repair or fixture installation.

    Shower Installation Services in Layton

    One of the most common shower complaints is an unexplained leak. If you have an older unit, there may be an issue with its protective liner or shower pan. This pan is the fiberglass or acrylic base under your shower designed to keep water from leaking into your home.

    As the material ages, it can shift or develop cracks that allow moisture to seep through into the floor. You could also have a crumbling or damaged grout issue.

    The fixture itself can become clogged or may wear out with time and use. Signs of a leak include unusual musty odors and new mold or mildew growths in your bathroom.

    Toilets can also struggle with similar issues like faulty parts and excessive water waste. You’ll want to keep an eye out for visible cracks in the tank or bowl. It’s not uncommon to have to unclog your toilet occasionally, but frequent blockages are a red flag.

    This could mean there’s a significant obstruction in the sewer line blocking the flow of wastewater. You may also spot unexpected problems like a loose flush handle or a broken flush valve.

    While you can often buy your own replacement parts, it’s typically safer to leave repairs to a professional. Experts can guarantee high-quality, lasting plumbing results that don’t cause further harm to your bathroom or pipes.

    We offer a range of superior bathroom plumbing services and more in Layton.

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    You can always expect fast, affordable, and friendly service from Smedley Service. We’re a licensed bathroom plumbing company that boasts free estimates and money-saving specials.

    Our team is also bonded and insured. We’ll strive to prioritize your family‚Äôs best interests. Along with our options for installation financing on approved credit, we also offer same-day repair availability.

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