May 15, 2023

When getting a new air conditioner for your home, installing it in the right location is extremely important. If your AC unit is installed in an incorrect area, it may need help keeping up or removing humidity, leading to comfort issues. Your air conditioning unit should be installed in an open environment with adequate airflow. The ideal location should be where the unit is accessible for routine HVAC maintenance. Here are five tips on selecting the perfect spot for your new AC system.

1. Look for a Shaded Location

Air conditioners aren’t immune to heat, although they work to keep your home cool and comfortable. Your AC unit can strain to operate in direct sunlight; therefore, placing it in a shaded location can reduce the strain it endures. In ideal situations, your air conditioner should be installed on the east side of your home to use your house’s shade during the hottest part of the day. Other excellent options include positioning it under the shade of a tree, especially one that does not drop debris.

2. Check for Deciduous Trees

Installing your AC system near a deciduous tree is okay, but it can slightly increase your unit’s maintenance. When these deciduous trees shed their leaves in autumn, they can fall on top of the air conditioner. Pine needles, like cottonwood tree pollen, are notorious for clogging AC coils; therefore, your unit’s efficiency will suffer. Sticks and twigs can also drop into the equipment, affecting the unit’s fan rotation. Check around your AC unit for trees that might drop twigs or leaves. If there are any, you can discuss with a professional contractor what to do.

3. Surround Unit With Mulch or Grass

Air conditioners are usually fitted on PVC or concrete slabs because the units have to be on strong and level surfaces. This is because the condenser system has a motor that vibrates when operating. When your unit is placed on uneven, soft, or weak surfaces, the vibrations can displace the unit, leading to damage. However, apart from the slab the unit sits on, it’s best not to have any other stones or cement near a cooling system. Stones and cement radiate the sun’s heat, which can increase the ambient temperature near the air conditioner, compromising its ability to cool your home. Your AC unit should be placed in a location surrounded by mulch or grass. These materials do not absorb heat, so they won’t radiate heat to affect your cooling unit. If the contractors can’t find a location without stones or cement, they can consider covering such surfaces with mulch to prevent heat radiation.

4. Blocked Off From Your Pets

If you have pets, or if your neighbors’ pets visit your home frequently, it’s best to put up barriers that block the animals from getting close to your HVAC system. Pets, especially dogs, can chew or urinate on your air conditioner. Chewing off the refrigerant line can destroy the AC unit and harm the dog. A dog’s urine can also distort the normal function of the AC coil. During AC installation, it’s best that the technicians put up a small fence or barrier that will block your unit from any pets. Dogs and cats can still squeeze through small gaps to access the unit, so you’ll want to keep an eye on your furry friends when they’re outside.

5. Flooding

If an AC unit stands in water, it can be affected in multiple ways, including corrosion, clogged condenser fins, and short-circuiting. Air conditioners shouldn’t be placed in a valley where rainwater easily collects. Your local experts should set up a rainwater drainage system so that water drains away from your unit.

Seek a Professional’s Advice

It’s important to ensure that your AC unit is in an open location. Placing the unit too close to bushes and shrubs makes the system hard to service and can block airflow; the continuous growth of these components can smother your unit.

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