June 13, 2023
HVAC Technician Performing AC Maintenance in Layton, UT

Your air conditioner works hard during the summer months, so you’re caring for it in the best way you know how: You’ve scheduled a professional air conditioner tune-up. Perhaps you’re curious about what you can expect during that visit. Prepare for your appointment by learning what to expect during your AC maintenance session.

Coil Cleaning

Both inside and out, your air conditioner could probably use a good cleaning! A maintenance visit is a great time to have that professionally handled. The evaporator coils are one of the primary parts of your cooling system that need regular cleaning. Your AC technician might also remove debris from the outdoor condenser unit.

Filter Replacement

Swapping your dirty air conditioning filter for a clean one is an easy way to prepare your air conditioner for summer. A dirty filter keeps your cooling system from running efficiently. When debris blocks the filter, air can’t flow through it as easily, making your unit work harder to cool your home. In addition, a clogged filter won’t be as effective at trapping dust and other allergens.

You will want to continue replacing your filter every few months throughout the cooling season to keep your AC running optimally. The fresh filter your technician puts in will get you off to a good start, though!

Connection Tightening

Your air conditioner has many electrical connections. For your system to keep running properly, each one must be secure. Loose electrical connections also have the potential to become a safety hazard.

Parts Lubrication

Lubricating your AC’s moving components is a standard part of your annual tune-up. The moving parts inside your air conditioner experience wear and tear over time. The more freely they are able to turn and maneuver, the better it is for their longevity. Plus, lubrication is crucial to reduce friction between parts since friction negatively impacts energy efficiency.

Drain Clearing

Your air conditioner produces water as it operates. The water leaves the system through a drain line and collects in the condensate drain pan. Having a clean drain pan reduces the chance of a messy overflow. Your technician will clear any debris from the pan and inspect the drain line for clogs. If there’s anything blocking the line, the tech will clear the clog using specialized tools.

Refrigerant Inspection

Air conditioners rely on a refrigerant that cycles through the system to do their job. Refrigerant refills aren’t generally necessary because the system recycles this fluid. However, there is a chance that your AC technician will notice that your refrigerant level is low. If so, it could be a sign of a problem. If this is the case, the technician will search for a leak. After locating the leak, the AC professional will discuss your repair options and add more refrigerant as required.

Repair Considerations

As your AC technician inspects the system, including the fan, the blower, and the expansion valve, minor issues might arise. Perhaps your capacitor is failing, or your system would benefit from a new fuse. It’s much better to take care of these minor problems during your annual tune-up than to find out about them when your air conditioner doesn’t turn on in the heat of summer! If AC repairs are in order, your technician will inform you of the next steps and provide a price estimate.

Operation Check

Before leaving, your air conditioning technician will turn on your system to see how it runs. They will watch and listen to ensure that everything operates smoothly. Doing this provides one more opportunity to perform any necessary adjustments to your system or thermostat.

Thermostat Calibration

While the system is running, the technician will calibrate your thermostat. That means they will make sure the set temperature matches the actual temperature in your home. If your system is running too warm or too cool, the tech can make some tweaks so you can set your thermostat accurately throughout the summer.

Professional air conditioner maintenance is the best way to ensure the completion of every item on this tune-up checklist. You can trust Smedley Service in Layton to perform your annual air conditioning maintenance. In addition, we do furnace maintenance in the cooler months. Call us for HVAC repairs and installations as well. We’re also your local source for plumbing and indoor air quality services. Contact Smedley Service today to check off the items on your HVAC maintenance checklist today!

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