November 20, 2020

During the winter months, your comfort level highly depends on the type of furnace you use. Although any unit can heat the air, not all of them operate to maximize your comfort. If you continuously experience annoying temperature swings, cold spots, and fan noises, you may want to consider a two-stage heating system.

A two-stage system allows you to enjoy a desirable temperature during mild and extreme cold seasons. Here is everything you need to know about dual heating systems.

1.What Is Two-Stage Heating?

Two-stage heating means your furnace operates with two levels of heat output. Besides the “on” and “off” settings, it contains a “low” and “high” power option. These additional power options make it so you can maintain a favorable temperature on cold and milder winter days.

Comparatively, the single-stage heating system runs at a full capacity throughout the season. It’s either on or off, and as a result, it may have to work harder to produce more heat even when it’s not needed.

Unless you reside in areas experiencing icy conditions, the low setting adequately meets your home’s heating demands most of the time. Therefore, a two-stage heating unit helps save on energy.

2.How It Works

Furnace settings differ based on the amount of heat allowed to pass through the system. It operates as per the thermostat settings, just like any other unit of the HVAC system. You can set the valve into a full, partially open, or closed position in a two-stage furnace.

When it’s moderately cold outside, the furnace control boards open up the valves restrictively to distribute the desired amount of heat into the house. It then shuts when the rooms attain the required temperature.

Additionally, on snowy days, the valve opens fully to produce a heat blast. There’s usually a smooth transition between the two temperature settings, and the lower heat mode provides about 60% to 65% of the full capacity output.

3.Benefits of Two-Stage Heating Systems

Compared to single heating units, the dual-stage system offers massive benefits. It eliminates temperature swings to create continuous comfort. Other benefits include the following.

Increased Efficiency

While running at a low capacity, the two-stage heating system consumes less energy than the standard furnaces. The modulating valve ensures your furnace never releases more heat than is required. The reduced energy use translates to lower utility bills.

Additionally, it operates with fewer stops and starts, putting less stress on your furnace. This helps it minimize the rate of wear, tear, and frustrating breakdowns. As a result, it prolongs the unit’s lifespan, helping you save on expensive repairs and replacement costs.

Better Air Quality

Since the two-stage heating unit mostly operates at low fan speed, it improves the air filter’s effectiveness. It gives it enough time to capture and eliminate most contaminants from the air. This makes it so your house will have a consistent flow of highly filtered air. Improved air quality helps suppress asthma symptoms, allergies, and other respiratory issues.

More Consistent Heating

The single-stage heating unit blows in a blast of hot air each time you switch it on. It can, therefore, create inconsistent spikes in the temperature levels in your house. However, the two-stage furnace gives you greater control over the heat output to maintain the desired temperature, leading to a more comfortable indoor climate.

Quieter Operation

While the two-stage unit runs at a low output, it reduces the noise levels associated with a single system that runs on a full blast. You can barely notice when a two-stage furnace is on and running.

Enlist a Professional

The two-stage heating system provides optimal comfort in your house despite the changing weather conditions outside. When the thermostat calls for heating, the furnace will begin to run at low output. If it fails to meet the thermostat temperature within a few minutes, it clicks off to the high output settings. As a result, it helps save on energy costs, eliminates cold spots, and increases the air filtration rate.

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