Smedley Service is a locally owned HVAC contractor in Woods Cross, UT. We offer decades of experience and a team of dedicated and qualified technicians. Established in 1946, our HVAC company has a proven track record of providing reliable and high-quality services.

    Our heating and cooling company provides furnace repairs, air conditioning installations, air conditioning maintenance, indoor air quality testing, and much more.

    HVAC Contractor Repairs in Woods Cross

    Whether you are currently facing an exhausting summertime heatwave or a challenging wintertime snow event, you can’t afford to experience an HVAC system breakdown. The financial blow is only one of the hardships.

    You don’t want to find yourself facing any of the aforementioned events without a properly functioning unit. In order to help prevent unexpected system failures, you should address all repair issues as soon as possible, and you can trust our heating and cooling company for assistance.

    Here are a few signs that your HVAC unit may be in need of some immediate repairs:
    • AC blowing warm air
    • Weak airflow
    • Unresponsive thermostat
    • Noisy operation
    • Strange smells
    • High indoor humidity levels
    • Unexpectedly high energy bills

    HVAC Company Installation Services

    If you have made it a point to stay on top of your HVAC repair needs but your system still isn’t working properly, you may want to opt for a full replacement. The expected expense of an installation may initially deter you, but the benefits of a brand-new system far outweigh any possible up-front costs.

    First of all, a new HVAC unit can save you money in the long-run. The United States Department of Energy states that an upgraded system can actually help decrease your utility bills by upwards of 20% monthly. Secondly, the more advanced unit will likely come with better climate control options.

    So, instead of just having “on” and “off” settings options, you could have more variable speed fans as well as a programmable thermostat. Lastly, a new air conditioner tends to be much more efficient, which can help to greatly improve air quality.

    HVAC Contractor Maintenance Services

    Timely repairs and upgraded HVAC units are extremely beneficial. However, without routine maintenance services, even a brand-new system may struggle to reach its full potential.

    Yearly maintenance checks allow us to address moderate issues, prevent impending breakdowns, and remedy minor problems before they get out of hand.

    Some of the tasks we perform during inspections include everything from changing air filters and cleaning coils to lubricating parts and checking for mold growth in air ducts.

    If you are searching for a dependable HVAC contractor in the Woods Cross area, get in touch with us at Smedley Service today.