At Smedley Service, we are a reputable and professional HVAC contractor in Clinton, UT. Our HVAC services cover everything you require for your heating and cooling system. Along with repair services, we also deliver installation and maintenance offerings.

    If your HVAC system is running poorly, we’ll help you determine if a replacement or repair is necessary. Consider creating a maintenance plan to ensure your system receives regular tune-ups. When you’re searching for a skilled and experienced HVAC company, just turn to us.

    HVAC Contractor Repair in Clinton

    Heating and cooling systems often require repairs. Even if you keep the system in good condition, a coolant leak or clogged filter is still possible. When you detect an issue in your HVAC unit, you should seek assistance before the problem worsens. The severity of malfunctions can differ substantially.

    For instance, a coolant leak might lead to your home not receiving any cool air. Despite the seriousness of this issue, it might only require a small repair to fix. If you notice an increase in your monthly energy bills, it might be time to enlist an HVAC contractor.

    There are numerous indicators that an HVAC system needs a repair or two to regain essential functions:
    • Lack of cool or warm air
    • High dust content in the air
    • Hot spots in the home
    • System not turning on
    • Odd smells or noises

    Expert HVAC Company Installation

    The most modern HVAC systems run at a higher efficiency in comparison to older units. Greater efficiency means that you’ll receive lower energy bills every month.

    Whether you select a ductless mini-split unit or a central HVAC system, there are many models to choose from. The system you select will depend on your needs and the size of your home.

    There are several factors to consider when searching for the right HVAC system. These factors include the SEER rating, size, and warranty. Once you make a decision, request installation services from our HVAC company.

    The time it takes to install an HVAC system depends on the one you buy. While it’s possible to complete this job in less than one day, the installation might take more time. For instance, installing new ductwork leads to a lengthier installation.

    Professional HVAC Company Maintenance

    Every HVAC system requires consistent maintenance to ensure it runs optimally at peak efficiency. Maintenance is preventive, which means that it detects issues before they worsen. You’ll benefit from a longer system lifespan, fewer indoor air contaminants, fewer repairs, and higher energy efficiency.

    During maintenance, our heating and cooling company lubricates all moving parts and inspects every component. We’ll tell you if it’s time to replace one of them.

    Here at Smedley Service, we’re happy to provide Clinton residents with efficient repair, installation, and maintenance services, so if you need an HVAC contractor, call us today.