Heat Pumps in Layton, UTCount on our professionals here at Smedley Service for help with your heat pumps in Salt Lake City, UT and the surrounding areas. Making sure your heat pump receives the repair and maintenance services it needs can keep it functioning optimally throughout the day. In addition, proper services can prevent frequent breakdowns and give you peace of mind.

    Rather than dealing with a malfunctioning heat pump and wondering how much a service will cost, contact our professionals to provide a free quote and mend the system. You can also expect us to provide unmatched heat pump installation if you do not have a heating system yet.

    Salt Lake City Heat Pumps

    Heat pumps play a significant role in heating our homes during the cold temperatures. Just like other home systems, the pumps can experience malfunctioning issues from time to time. You may wake up one morning to find the heating system is not turning on.

    Your heat pump may also start leaking water from the condensate pan. It is always advisable to get in touch with our experts at Smedley Service for specialized heat pump repair as soon as your system portrays any abnormal signs. Besides encouraging further breakdown, failure to schedule service can result in potential safety hazards.

    Certain uncharacteristic signs displayed by the heat pump often indicate the need for repair service.
    • Higher energy bills
    • Strange heat pump noises
    • Uneven warm air supply
    • Frequent short cycling

    When is heat pump installation necessary? This is a question our Smedley Service technicians get asked a lot while serving customers in the Salt Lake City area. You need installation if you have a newly constructed house or room that needs a heating system. It is also advisable to get an installation service if your current system is old or outdated.

    A new pump can significantly improve your home’s comfort by providing warmth. Modern heat pumps can also cool your home, eliminating the need to buy two separate systems for heating and cooling. Moreover, a newly installed heat pump is more efficient, meaning it will lower your energy consumption and monthly utility bills. You will also incur lower operating costs because a new system experiences fewer breakdowns and has few heat pump maintenance needs.

    Consult Heat Pump Installation Pros

    At Smedley Service, we are a reliable heating contractor serving people in the Salt Lake City area. Our company started in 1947 and has a good reputation for using quality products and delivering unmatched services.

    As a locally owned and operated business, we are always ready to take care of the needs of customers in the area. Every member of our technical team is not only qualified but also undergoes ongoing training to sharpen their skills.

    Layton's Heat Pump Repair Experts

    Our technicians are available 24/7 for emergency heat pump repair. In addition, we provide same-day heat pump installation services to enable you to return to your normal life as soon as possible. We also offer financing with approved credit on all installation services to enhance customer experience.

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    Do not hesitate to contact us at Smedley Service for everything involving heat pumps in Salt Lake City, including installation, repair, and maintenance.