Heat Pumps in Layton, UTHeat pumps in Kaysville, UT, provide efficient cooling and heating when they’re in good condition. You should fix problems when they first occur to prevent complex breakdowns and sudden spikes in your energy bills. A heat pump installation could reduce your energy consumption by 50% compared to a furnace. In cooling mode, it’s up to 300% energy efficient. The average lifespan of heat pumps is 10–15 years. You need to tune them twice a year to keep them in good condition.

    Quality Heat Pumps in Kaysville

    For a heat pump to deliver energy savings and maintain a comfortable temperature, your home should be well insulated. You should seal any air leaks in your home and use quality insulation. Our technicians can let you know if your home’s insulation is suitable for a heat pump installation.

    Factors to consider when you’re choosing a heat pump:
    • Your home’s insulation
    • Size
    • Compressor type
    • Efficiency

    The size of your old HVAC system might not be right for your new heat pump. This is especially true if you’re converting from an AC to a heat pump. You need a current evaluation from an installation technician to know what size heat pump you need. Oversized systems are just as bad as undersized systems. They can turn on and off quickly without maintaining a consistent temperature. Undersized systems may run all of the time without reaching your set temperature.

    Layton's Heat Pump Repair Experts

    Your choices in compressors for heat pumps are variable speed and single speed. A variable-speed model runs all of the time to deliver just as much heating or cooling as your home needs. It keeps your home more comfortable than a single-speed model. A single-speed heat pump has bigger swings in temperature and humidity. It doesn’t run all of the time. You can find a two-speed heat pump for more indoor comfort, but a variable-speed model still wins.

    Heat pump maintenance is necessary twice a year. We recommend scheduling your tune-ups for the end of fall and the end of spring. This prepares the system for the most trying seasons of the year in keeping your home comfortable. You can go into winter and summer with peace of mind that your heat pump won’t have major issues.

    You may sometimes need a heat pump repair. Warning signs include strange sounds, energy bill spikes, and leaks. You don’t want to delay fixing your heat pump to prevent the problem from worsening. A bad smell circulating all of the time could be mold. To protect your indoor air quality and your HVAC system, you’ll want a prompt repair.

    Reliable Heat Pump Installation Company

    You can rely on Smedley Service to correctly install, maintain, and repair your heat pump in Kaysville. We have been in business since 1947. Smedley Service offers 24/7 emergency heat pump repair and same-day installation. On approved credit, you can qualify for financing options to install a heat pump. Smedley Service has an A+ rating with the BBB. We strive to maintain flexibility in appointment scheduling, and we arrive with the tools we need. NATE-certified technicians, who have extensive HVAC knowledge, are part of our team as well.

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