When you need drain cleaning in Syracuse, UT, turn to the professionals at Smedley Service. Whenever you send water down your drains, you can also send down food particles, grease, soap residue, hair, and other debris.

    Over time, these substances can build up, resulting in clogs. It’s crucial to have a plumbing professional address plumbing issues in your home. Attempting to address a clogged drain without the right skills or tools could result in more damage to your plumbing system.

    Using our high-resolution cameras, we can quickly find the root of the problem, remove the obstruction, and clean the drain, restoring normal flow in no time.

    Effective Drain Cleaning in Syracuse

    You might not realize you have a clogged drain until your toilet or bathtub overflows. To prevent this, monitor how fast the water goes down the drain. If it’s taking longer than expected, there could be a clog.

    The obstruction could be more massive if you have multiple clogged drains in your home. Rather than wait for the problem to worsen, contact our team right away. We offer quick and thorough pipe cleaning services in Syracuse.

    Another clear sign of a clogged drain is filthy odors. When debris accumulates inside the pipes, it can collect bacteria. This can result in smelly drains, which presents a health risk to your loved ones. You may also notice bubbling or gurgling sounds when water goes down the drains. These sounds usually indicate that there are pockets of air inside the pipe.

    Professional drain cleaning offers the following benefits:
    • Cleaner home environment
    • Better-smelling home
    • Extended pipe lifespan
    • Increased water flow
    • Lower water bills
    • Helps prevent future clogs

    We recommend scheduling drain cleaning services twice a year. This way, we can identify potential problems before they worsen. Our cutting-edge equipment includes high-resolution cameras that give us an up-close look at what’s happening inside your pipes.

    Therefore, if you suspect tree roots or other items are clogging your drain lines, our skilled plumbers can give you a definitive answer and remove them.

    Fixing Clogged Drain Professionally

    Smedley Service is a locally owned and operated company that has been offering sewer cleaning and other plumbing services to Syracuse residents since 1947.

    We’re committed to high ethical standards. You can count on our team to show up on time with the right equipment for the job. We have the experience and know-how to find solutions to even the most challenging sewer-cleaning projects in Syracuse.

    We prioritize our clients’ needs and refuse to cut corners with any aspect of our craftsmanship. We aim to establish lasting relationships with our customers, and we take the time to answer your questions.

    To learn more about how we can help with a clogged drain in Syracuse, contact Smedley Service today. We also service water heater installation, water softeners, pipe repair and more.