Efficient drains require regular drain cleaning in Ogden, UT, and Smedley Service is the company for the job. A clogged drain can damage your home because such blockages reduce water pressure and cause sewer overflows. You don’t have to undo the clogs; reach out to Smedley Service in Ogden for professional services.

Dangers of a Clogged Drain

Most drain problems are self-caused, and the clogs build up unchecked to the point where they become an emergency. Keep track of what you flush down the drain. It can help you avoid interrupting your everyday lifestyle with constant drain repairs.

Without regular plumbing maintenance, clogs provide a conducive environment for mold, fungus, and other organic materials to thrive. Sickening odors from such clogs are a health hazard, and a clogged drain flowing in the wrong direction is equally worrying.

sink drain with water

Clogs can also come from extended tree roots penetrating and damaging the water and drainage pipes from below. If you can’t identify any cause for clogging from within the house, it’s time to call us. Other clogging risks come from naturally created minerals in hard water.

If your water supply is this type, consider regular inspections to assess the extent of the damage. We understand all possible causes of blocked drains and will start with a detailed inspection of your sewer system.

Drains usually have signs that they are wholly or partially blocked and need cleaning:
  • Sinks, showers, or baths drain slowly
  • Leaky pipe joints or connectors
  • Stained tiles or floors beneath the sewer pipes
  • Odd smell around the piping system
The remedy for blocked drains is not to drain cleaning products from your local hardware store because they are ineffective. Even the drain plunger is no match for hard-core clogs. The solution is an auger and pressurized water (hydrojetting). We move this through the pipes to dislodge grime, gunk, and overgrown roots.

The whole process requires the services of our expert plumbers. We will gladly send one from Smedley Service to handle your problems professionally. That aside, ensure you schedule yearly drain maintenance services. Otherwise, your drainage system will keep having clogging issues.

technician performing hydrojetting

Drain Cleaning Company in Ogden

No amount of clogging can stop us. There is nothing out there that Smedley Service has yet to see while cleaning drains in Ogden. And we always come out victorious after every drain cleaning assignment. We are okay with you trying to troubleshoot the problems first. However, there’s only so much you can do.

technician snaking drain to unclog it

Unfortunately, you can’t wish away a clogged drain, but we can make your wish come true with modern techniques and tools. Rest assured, our methods are acid-free, non-corrosive, and environmentally friendly. We leave you with nothing other than clean drains and peace of mind.

When you’re ready to schedule drain cleaning services in Ogden, contact Smedley Service today. We also service pipe repairs, sewer repair, water heaters and more.