September 19, 2020

Air conditioning units wear out over time. With protective maintenance, however, you can enhance energy efficiency, minimize HVAC wear, and reduce costly repairs. It also decreases the possibility of a breakdown. If you have the right preventive plan, you can lengthen your unit’s life and enjoy optimum comfort in your Layton, UT, home. Here are some of the best practices to reduce wear and tear on your HVAC system.

Replace the Old Thermostat

Minimizing HVAC wear and tear means boosting the overall system’s performance. You can do this by replacing the old thermostat with a new digital model. Many digital thermostats come pre-programmed using settings intended to keep your house comfortable the whole year with minimal HVAC usage.

You may program your settings according to your home’s specific needs and make sure the air conditioning and furnace are not unreasonably used when everyone is asleep or away from the household. Since your new digital thermostat will assist in reducing overall deterioration, it will lower the chances of damage and repairs over time. You could also expect to save some cash on future utility bills.

Change the AC Filter

When debris clogs the air filter on your HVAC system, air may no longer easily flow through the indoor unit. This might force other parts to run harder than usual, and you won’t get the proper level of airflow in your home. The internal evaporator coil can freeze, putting extra pressure on your system.

Connect Energy-Efficient Windows

Installing energy-efficient windows offers several advantages. For example, it reduces condensation, minimizes heating and cooling costs, and lowers UV penetration. These advantages reduce the HVAC system’s deterioration by making it easy to cool and heat your home. Because less UV radiation penetrates via the windows, this also guards the floors and furniture against fading.

Keep the Vents Open

Do you leave vents closed in rooms you don’t use often? While this may seem like a way to give your system one less room to condition, it actually makes the HVAC unit work harder to compensate. When you over-task your system, it is more likely to wear out. Also, do not place furniture or other things in front of the ventilation openings in your house.

Improve Home Insulation

Another effective way to minimize HVAC system deterioration is through a home insulation improvement. If you have good insulation, you will not use heating and air conditioning as frequently. When the HVAC unit is in use, effective insulation will preserve usage to a minimum, particularly when it’s very cold or hot outside. You may easily enhance the insulation operation of your home without hiring a professional.

Begin with insulating your windows using spray or caulk foam insulation. Apply the insulation of your choice between the window frame and the glass. You may further insulate the windows by placing a solar foil. Not only does solar insulation help reduce year-round heat gain and loss, but due to its availability in various colors and patterns, you may also create a custom look while enhancing the appearance of your home. It’s also wise to insulate the doors in your house that lead to the exterior, including the garage door, using weatherstripping.

Develop a Maintenance Program

Schedule periodic air conditioning tune-ups to keep your system running efficiently and safely. Experts can inspect all the components of your HVAC system and see how clean it is. Regular checks on your air conditioning will prevent wear throughout the year. For the best performance, schedule a tune-up once before summer and again before winter.

Make Repairs Immediately

When you notice a malfunction, no matter how minor it may be, schedule a repair as soon as possible. If even one component gets damaged and is not fixed, it could affect other parts and hurt the overall system performance. Immediate home air conditioning repairs are important to keep the system in good working order.

The damage might get worse or cause other issues with the heating and air conditioning system, requiring additional repairs over time. Save yourself some cash in the long-run by having the unit skillfully repaired and inspected at the first signal of trouble.

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