It is recommended that you have backflow testing in Kaysville, UT. annually. Unfortunately, many homeowners forego this service simply because they do not know what it is and why it is so important. Here at Smedley Service, we want to spread the word about this type of test and ensure all homeowners do this yearly. This type of test helps to ensure that the water that is coming into your home is clean, and that contaminated water is not entering it. This can be unsanitary and unsafe. When you need a company to assist you with a backflow test, we are here to help you.
    Backflow Testing in Kaysville, UT

    Backflow Testing Expertise in Kaysville

    Many homeowners do not know what it means to test their backflow. Testing involves testing your incoming water to ensure it is not being infiltrated by groundwater or dirty water supply. If the water is dirty, backflow repair in Kaysville will be needed.

    Some of the most common reasons that water is most likely to be contaminated is due to:
    • Unexpected drop in pressure
    • Pipes freezing
    • Pipes bursting or cracking
    • Unusually high demand for water

    Another question that we at Smedley Service are asked is whether there is anything you can do beyond testing to keep your water safe. Implementing a backflow prevention device can help to minimize problems and alert you to potential issues. Installing a backflow preventer valve helps to decrease your chances of your water being contaminated, but annual testing is still recommended, even if you have this device installed.

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    Backflow Testing Expertise in Kaysville

    When you need backflow testing in Kaysville, we hope you will turn to us at Smedley Service. Our company has been serving the local community since 1947, and we hope to continue serving the community for decades to come. Our team consists of licensed and experienced professionals, including staff members who are American Backflow Assembly Certified Testers and State of Utah Certified Backflow Assembly Testers. As such, you know you are getting professionals who have the skills and experience needed to complete your testing and repair needs. Our company is also proud to have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and hundreds of five star reviews from our customers on Google ratings, our company Facebook page and Yelp.

    When you need backflow repair or testing in Kaysville, schedule an appointment with Smedley Service.