June 5, 2017

If you are debating the merits of switching from an evaporative cooler or wall unit to a central air conditioning system, you may see AC as a luxury rather than a necessity. While it’s true that some homeowners manage to make it through Utah’s hot summers without central air, a central system can have a significant positive impact.

In fact, many people find that a central air conditioning system improves their health in addition to their overall comfort.

In this blog, we list four ways that a central air conditioning system may help you achieve a healthier, happier you.

Easier Breathing

The contents of your indoor air can have a significant impact on your breathing. For example, many individuals with respiratory conditions find it more difficult to breathe normally in spaces with excessive humidity.

Air treated by a central AC unit is drier than the air outside your home, unlike air treated by an evaporative cooler which is much wetter than the ambient humidity.

While air that’s too dry can cause its own issues, most homes with central air maintain an ideal range of humidity. This benefit can be particularly important if any member of your household has asthma, sleep apnea, or breathing irregularities.

Fewer Allergy Symptoms

Many cooling systems simply cycle outdoor air throughout your home. This method means that any particles you might find outside will inevitably contaminate your indoor air as well.

Fans and wall units, in particular, can end up moving plant pollen, animal dander, and other common allergens through your home repeatedly. Individuals with allergies may experience more symptoms in these types of environments.

Central air, on the other hand, features a filtration system that traps larger particles. Many units are even compatible with specialized filters that can get rid of all but the tiniest allergen particles. Fewer allergy symptoms can make concentrating, sleeping, and working much easier.

Lease Frequent Illness

Not all the particles in untreated air are allergens. Some of these contaminants are bacteria or viruses that can cause serious illness. Some types of cooling units can end up cycling these harmful particles endlessly, increasing the risk that you’ll get sick again even after you recover from an illness.

High-quality central air filtration removes the vast majority of harmful bacteria and virus particles from the air you breathe. While this filtration can’t protect from illness that spreads by touch, central AC can decrease your risk of contracting airborne illnesses.

The lowered risk of illness is convenient no matter who you are but could be genuinely lifesaving for individuals with compromised or still-developing immune systems.

More Restful Sleep

Sleep research indicates that most individuals get their best quality sleep in a cool, quiet environment. While an air conditioner may not get rid of ambient noise, it can provide you with a more comfortable and consistent temperature throughout the night.

Most people experience their best sleep in rooms that are between 60 and 67℉. A central air conditioning system allows you to choose and maintain your ideal temperature all night long instead of struggling with middle-of-the-night wakeups when the room becomes too warm.

Restful sleep is essential for normal daily function. Getting enough sleep can help you heal from illness and injury more quickly, reduce your stress, and improve your mood.

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